Servebucket Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important us. and we want to make your experience with our services safe and fun, we want you to use our services include our hosting services,seo services and all the tools we provide we can also provide our clients business opportunities with complete trust.

this list show you the privacy policy for each of our service:

  • Registration and Account Information privacy - all of our users are asked to provide  their personal information when they registered to one of our Services, the required informations including REAL name, REAL address, REAL telephone number and billing information. all the Users also asked to complete  optional online form to collects information about their location , and more. we collecting this information to improve our services. The personal information collected to manage the user billing account and to suggest our Users helpfull information about services and tips. This information will never shared with third parties, unless specifically stated otherwise or in special contract. 

  • Domain Registration - the information of domains without ID Protection is legally available to the public. Where domain name registration information is available to the public, anyone can access it through "WHOIS" lookup. The WHOIS database is a legally accessible for the public database that lists your domain name your contact information for each domain you have. Users can receive mail and phone calls from people who find you by search at the available WHOIS database search. However, the solicitation and/or SPAM they receive does not in any way come from servebucket and servebucket can not insure you any privacy as long as your domain is not protected with ID Protection.
  • affiliate Partners and Sponsors - all of our products and services are offered to any one who want to work with us as a partner. To provide our partners matirials and services, the partner may need to submit his personal information. In these instances, we will provide a small form to our Partners and Sponsors. We may transfer users personal information to our affiliates , partners and other third parties who provide services to us.
  • our blogs and forums - Please remember that any information you provide to our business Directory, our seo blog, user testimonials, our Forums, or other public areas of our properties, becomes public information. You should think twice when you deciding to write some personal information in public areas.
  •  Statistics - We collecting information on our site statistics to help diagnose problems with our servers, and to maintain our Web site. We also collecting demographic information to help us improve our site and block hackers from hack into your cpanel.
  • Cookies -  servebucket may create cookies on your browser to collect, store, and track information for statistics and to improve our products and services. all of our cookies cannot be access by any other third party and the cookies dosent include your User information. However, some browsers don not support cookies, you may be required to accept cookies unless you will not be able to login to our system. affiliates and partners may also use their cookies. We use cookies with our affiliates to track referrals from internal and external sources, as well as advertising campaigns and coupon codes.


 Terms of Policy - servebucket have the right to modify this privacy policy, and our other policies and agreements any time and in any paragraph. Notice of any revision,or modification will be posted in our Terms of Service contract.

 If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy you may contact our administor.